The objective of the project is to establish at the National Institute of Research and Development for Technical Physics Iasi (NIRDTP) an Euroregional Advanced Research Centre for Sensors and Sensor Systems based on Magnetic Micro and NanoMaterials (MAGNESENS) which will constitute a reference centre in the field of sensors, unique at the national level.

The main objective of the project is the development, modernisation and completion of  the infrastructure for enhancing the quality and efficiency of R&D and innovation activities at NIRDTP Iasi and comprises of three main components:

1. Modernization and expansion of facilities for carrying out research work in the field of magnetic sensors

The Center will comprise five laboratories, two modernised and three new created ones:

  • Laboratory for the Preparation of Thin Films and Nanostructuring (clean room facilities);
  • Electron Microscopy Laboratory;
  • Laboratory for Sensors and Sensor Networks based on Microdimensional Magnetic Materials (magnetically shielded room facilities);
  • Laboratory for Magnetoresistive Sensors based on Magnetic Micro- and NanoMaterials (magnetically shielded room facilities);
  • Laboratory for Magnetic Biosensors and Magnetic Sensors for Medicine(magnetically shielded room facilities).

2. Acquisition of new independent equipments and apparatus for research (inclusive components):

  • Ultra-High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope – UHR-TEM;
  • Ultra High Resolution Electron beam Nanolithography Workstation;
  • Laboratory apparatus for the characterisation and calibration of magnetic sensors and sensor networks;
  • Laboratory apparatus for the development and testing of magnetic biosensors and sensors for medicine.

3. Aquisition and installation of state of the art technological and functional equipments:

  • Clean room;
  • Magnetically shielded room.

The research activity of the MAGNESENS Center will be focused on basic and applied research in the field of magnetic sensors and sensor systems, including multifunctional ones, whose operation is based on special physical properties of magnetic micro-and nanomaterials as well as on their specific effects, namely:

  • sensors based on the giant magnetoresistive effect (GMR) using multilayer thin film systems or multilayer nanowire systems with applications in spintronics;
  • sensors using magnetic nanoparticles and nanoparticles structures for the detection of biomolecules, enzymes, viruses, etc.., with biomedical applications;
  • sensors for measuring low magnetic fields with applications in biology and medicine (for example, detection of magnetic fields in the human body);
  • sensors based on magnetic micro-and nanomaterials for automotive, space and military applications, security sensors, etc.

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