1. Modernization and expansion of facilities for carrying out research work in the field of magnetic sensors, within the MAGNESENS Center.

Total area modernized within the project: 419,67 square meters.

✓  2 modernised laboratories:

  • Laboratory for the Preparation of Thin Films and Nanostructuring
  • Electron Microscopy Laboratory

✓  3 new created laboratories:

  • Laboratory for Sensors and Sensor Networks based on Microdimensional Magnetic Materials
  • Laboratory for Magnetoresistive Sensors based on Magnetic Micro- and NanoMaterials
  • Laboratory for Magnetic Biosensors and Magnetic Sensors for Medicine.

2. The development of  the research infrastructure of the MAGNESENS Centre by the acquisition  of „state of the art” new technological and functional equipments and independent equipments and apparatus for research.

Acquisitions within the project:

✓  clean room ISO 5 and ISO 7

✓  magnetically shielded room

✓  ultra-high resolution transmission electron microscope

✓ ultra-high resolution electron beam nanolithography workstation.

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